Front  Leg 150 x 139 Back Leg 150 x 146

Front Leg

Back Leg

I recently had access to some original L & JG Stickley Furniture. Shown here are two legs from either a model 709 or 709 ½ Sideboard, circa 1910.  You can clearly see the 5-piece construction that L & JG Stickley made famous. It is consistent with the L & JG Stickley catalog drawing shown (though not properly credited) in my April 17th post on Making Arts and Crafts legs. Also visible is a round mortise drilled to hold one half of a “figure 8” clip, commonly used to attach tops.

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

L & JG Stickley Model 709 Sideboard

The back leg shows a grove which was used to house the panels of the sideboard’s back. Both legs show that the mortise and tenons of the rails were not haunched. While not evident in these images, the mortise and tenons were pinned.