Arts & Crafts Movement

June 14, 2009

Visiting the Pope-Leighey House

I recently visited one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Usonian” houses-the Pope-Leighey house. Originally, built in Falls Church, Va; it was saved from a highway construction eminent domain bull dozer and moved to the grounds of the Woodlawn Plantation in 1964. Several years later, it was moved again, just a few yards this time, to facilitate repairs to its slab foundation. Usonian houses evolved from Wright’s desire to build an affordable house for the middle-class citizen. Built for a cost of $7000 in 1940, which various inflation internet calculators but at approximately $105,000 2009 dollars

March 04, 2009

San Diego’s Marston House

As with the Riordan Mansion, San Diego’s Marston House is also facing operational challenges due to the current economy. The Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO), a San Digo based organization has stepped in to lead efforts to the Marston House open. Please read their call for help from Executive Director Bruce Coon...

February 14, 2009

The Riordan Mansion Needs Your Help!

Designed by Charles Whittlesey, who later built the famous Craftsman Style “El Tovar Hotel” at the Grand Canyon, this craftsman mansion is constructed using pine, native volcanic rock and stone. It features wonderful tulip art glass panels, and innovatively used photo negatives of Native-Americans as window decorations. The rooms are authentic and full of the Riordan’s belongings, including many outstanding pieces of original Arts and Crafts furniture. Riordan Mansion is also a great place to see Arts and Crafts furniture-especially some wonderful examples of Gustav Stickley and Harvey Ellis collaboration.

December 11, 2008

Cassique: The Voysey Inspired Club House of The Kiawah Island Club - Guest Post by Erica Forester

It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from my students. One day this past semester I was teaching a course on the Decorative Arts after 1800 and discussing the Arts and Crafts Movement in England. I was showing the students some pictures of the architecture and furniture of Charles F. A. Voysey, when all of a sudden one of my students became very excited and said her hometown clubhouse was built in homage to Voysey. I was stunned because outside of architecture students and lovers of the Arts and Crafts Movement, who would ever have heard of Voysey, let alone believe a clubhouse hand been built echoing his philosophy, and his style. She promised to bring me an article on the clubhouse. My post is based on that article by Susan Sully, published in “Legends, The Magazine of Gracious Island Living.”

October 23, 2008

A Weekend in Pasadena

Last weekend I traveled to Pasadena, California for Pasadena Heritage’s Craftsman Weekend. It’s an exhilarating experience that every Arts and Crafts era fan should experience. Pasadena is home to many, exceptional, well-maintained examples of Arts and Crafts homes including works from noted architects Sylvanus Marston; Frederick Louis Roehrig; and Charles and Henry Greene. Compelling Arts and Crafts exhibits were on display at the Huntington Library, Pasadena Museum of History, and the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art. And of course there was lots of furniture, both contemporary and original, available at the Masonic Temple Marketplace. Now, here are a few of things that I learned on my Pasadena pilgrimage.

August 26, 2008

4 Great Arts & Crafts Destinations in the Twin Cities!

On a recent trip to Minnesota’s Twin Cities I discovered four great Arts and Crafts destinations-the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Museum, the Purcells-Cutt House, the Eastwood Gallery, and the Arbor Inn, which is actually located just across the river in Wisconsin.