Arts & Crafts Movement

The Arts & Crafts Movement is where I park all things having to do with the Arts & Crafts movement. This may include places I’ve visited (museums, exhibits, or attractions), tips for better collecting, or just some interesting knowledge about the movement and its furniture. Whatever the subject, you’ll be sure to learn something interesting about the Arts & Crafts movement here…

Arts & Crafts Furniture @ Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Restoring Grove Park Inn's Vanity Chair
A Conversation with Stephen Gray
The Grove Park Inn’s Vanity Chair Part II
The Grove Park Inn’s Vanity Chair


Under Design I’ll write on topics that have to do with designing furniture. For me this includes things, places, or stuff that inspires me (Inspiration); Creativity; Design Knowledge, or Style Knowledge–these by the way are the four things I believe need to be present for good design epiphanies to occur.

Understanding the Arts and Crafts “Style”
Evolution of Design: An Update
Ready, Set, DESIGN!!!
Evolution of Design
Tall Tall Trees!

Design Elements

Design Elements is a phrase I lifted from Darrell Peart’s seminal book Greene & Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop. In his book Darrell writes “…I present some of them [Design Elements] to you for examination, not as a guide for reproducing exact copies of Green & Greene pieces, but rather as a toolbox to draw upon for new designs.” It is in this spirit that my Design Elements category is created, to present my favorite elements, from Greene & Greene, Stickley and to one day share my own design elements with you.

Chamfering for Arts & Crafts Furniture
Ebony Table Buttons
A look at Solid Wood Legs
Housed Tenons
Quadrilinear Legs


The Projects section of my blog is where you’ll find posts about making things — furniture, picture frames, or perhaps techniques used in the building of projects.

Making A&C Picture Frames with Half-lap Joints
Building Gustav Stickley’s No. 53 Double Costumer
Kelly Mehler’s School of Woodworking–Arts and Crafts Table 2011
Back by Popular Demand!
Build An Arts & Crafts Rocker


In my Techniques posts; I’ll focus on the process, and you decide how to perform each step.

Making Wedges to Repair Half-lap Joints
Do You Sign Your Work?
A Final Update to Air Drying Lumber
Air-drying Lumber Update
Air-drying Lumber


I like quotes–A good quote is inspirational, grounding, and challenges me to be better, all at the same time. Here are some of my favorites. Most relate to furniture building; all relate to life…

I go to Nature...
Passion, Skill, and Craft
No Secrets!
An Empty Mind

My Library

Posts under My Library are, predictably, about books. These are books I have found beneficial in my pursuit of knowledge, generally on one or more of four topics–Building Arts & Crafts furniture, designing furniture, learning about Arts and Crafts furniture or simply books that inspired my furniture.  

A Great Question!
Arts & Crafts Design
The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life
The Manufacture of Arts & Crafts Furniture by Gustav Stickley