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“For me, one of the great joys in life is sharing my furniture making experience. I do this by teaching at woodworking schools, presenting various topics to woodworking Guilds, and by offering individually tailored, one-on-one instruction in my Manassas, VA shop.”


One-on-one instruction in my shop provides you with my undivided attention, focused on exactly what you want to learn. Whether we focus on a learning plan of your design, or my design, or follow a project focused or skill-building path, I promise our time together will inspire you and make you a better woodworker. Read student testimonials.

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Excellent Teacher

Stu is an excellent teacher. He is the hardest working teacher I have been in contact with. He takes your education seriously, making sure that all your questions are thoroughly answered. Either in a classroom or individual instruction, I have been very pleased with his level of commitment. You can expect technical , design and historical information from Stu. I have always received more than expected.

Mike B.
Kelly Mehler’s School of Woodworking class, Individual one-on-one training

Very Knowledgeable

I have been working with Stu on an Arts & Crafts style dresser. As a novice to the trade, I only had a general knowledge of the process of furniture building and certainly didn’t have much knowledge of Arts & Crafts in general. Stu quickly educated me on the details.

He is very knowledgeable of the Arts & Crafts style and the history behind it. He focuses on the style of Green and Greene and Frank Lloyd Wright in his craft. Stu is very meticulous to make sure every care is given to the piece he is making. He triple checks himself at every step, to make sure every detail is perfect and nothing is overlooked. He doesn’t sacrifice any detail for the integrity and style for the craft. He appreciates the process of design and the skill in the craft that goes into the design. Working with Stu has been a great experience, and I have learned a huge amount in a short period of time. I’ve learned not only the process of what goes into building a piece but how much care and time it takes to make something special. His appreciation and passion for the trade overall is incomparable. And in addition to all this, I’ve found Stu to be easy to work with and a great mentor.

Steph T.
Montclair State University, Sculpting & Industrial Design Student

My Thanks

I would like to express my thanks for the Arts and Crafts bedside table course I recently took…The joinery was exceptional and the many woodworking tricks you shared with the class were appreciated by all; especially making the ebony buttons which appeared to be a challenge at first only to find out that the fabrication techniques you presented made them fun to make. As you know I increased the size of the tables I built so they could be used as living room end tables for my daughter’s beach house. After seeing the tables she decided they were too nice for the beach house and instead put them in her newly built house…. A combination of a well planned course together with your polished approach to teaching made the course very enjoyable. Thanks again for the great course and for allowing us to share your upscale shop.

Ron N.
Washington Woodworkers Working Group Class

9-Month Comprehensive Program Graduate

From the basics of wood properties and selection to the nuances of complex joinery, my time spent under Stu’s tutelage has been invaluable in my progression as a woodworker and furniture maker. Without his guidance, I would not have been selected to attend the 9-Month Comprehensive program at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship and without the knowledge gained in working with him, I would have struggled to graduate. Stu is a passionate teacher with a true love for the craft and anyone looking to start woodworking or hone their existing skills would benefit greatly from spending some time with him in the shop.

Randy H.
Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Graduate