I’m not sure that you can reconcile being a fan of technology and Arts and Crafts furniture, bust as Popeye would say, “I yam what I yam!” So here are three things you can do on the iPad to feed your love of all things Arts and Crafts.

Number one: Use the iBooks app to downlaod and read the writings of Elbert Hubbard. Many of his books, including A Message to Garcia; The Little Journeys series; and Love, Life & Work are available for free. Courtesy of the Gutenberg Project.

Next, using a neat app called iAnnotate PDF along with the Aji Reader Service–which allows you to highlight, underline, and add notes to pdf files–I read and mark up copies of Gustav Stickley’s Home Training in Cabinet Work. Full pdf copies are available at The Workshop Pages.

Finally, the third thing you can do, is use the Safari internet browser to visit a multitude of Arts and Crafts websites. Some of my favorites are Bruce Johnson’s Arts and Crafts Collector, The Arts and Crafts Society of Central New York (ACSCNY), and The University of Wisconsin-Madison University’s archive of the Craftsman Magazine.

Of course the best part is this content is free! The iPad…not so free.