Evolution of Design 150

Lately, posts has been few, and far between. So in case you were worried that I’m not doing anything, I have in-fact only not been posting. Until now!

One of the many projects I’m working on right now is a Stickley Double Costumer inspired coat tree. From left to right this image shows some of the steps of my design process. Beginning with my Stickley Double Costumer, which provided my initial inspiration. Next as me and my collaborators (more on them later) focused on the vertical posts we made a full size drawing. From the drawing we moved to making full-size paper patterns. The patterns were used to produce styrofoam prototypes.

The prototypes were the transition from the design phase to the fabrication phase. The two outcomes from the prototypes were first, to let us see our posts in full-size scale, and to begin to experiment with how we were going to sculpt them to their final shape.

That’s where this project is right now. You can also see the next steps starting to take shape too. Next I’ll make a hardboard template, practicing sculpting on a poplar prototype, and finagling, make our first pieces using the English quarter-sawn white oak.